HIPAA Compliance and Security for New York healthcare medical offices

HIPAA Workstation Controls (Physical)

hipaa-security-compliance-nycNowadays, Cybersecurity has become a major concern as the world has become digital. In New York, medical and healthcare business owners must abide by the regulations set forth by HIPAA to ascertain that the sensitive information is kept safe and confidential.

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Technical Safeguards: The necessary knowledge

HIPAA’s guidelines categorize these safeguards under three headings:

  • Administrative Safeguards,
  • Physical Safeguards,
  • Technical Safeguards.

Any medical information recorded, processed, and saved in technology-based devices is safeguarded via Technical safeguards.

Data Protection

The HIPAA set forth the rules and guidelines to safeguard the medical information of a client. It keeps it safe and secure.

Data Encryption

Patient data should be encrypted using the IT; only specific authorized persons should be given access to that data.

Activity Logs

The activity log should be used to track the details about the data access. Every time the access should be recorded enclosing the details about the person accessing and the time of access. The track should be made to check that only authorized persons have accessed it.

Log-off, automatically.

Every time an authorized user accesses some client’s data, (s) he should be automatically logged off from the system, after being inactive for a while. This way, the medical information of clients remains protected.

EPHI Security

EPHI is Electronically Protected Healthcare Information. This could be used by legal agencies or, for instance, an authorized insurance company. Therefore, this information should be immediately available in such cases.

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Safety of Information

The compliance with HIPAA guidelines is mandatory, therefore critical for your medical-healthcare business. OmniPush IT Solutions can assist with helping your medical to be compliant with regulatory bodies in New York. We assure you safety, and adequate services in terms of your IT needs. Let’s connect.

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