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Office 365 is Microsoft’s Office in the cloud; it is a subscription model version of the Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft launched Office 365 in 2001.

Similar to the well known and widely used Microsoft Office Suite, Office 365 contains all the same applications we rely on in an office environment and at home. Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, One Note, Skype, and Microsoft Teams, Office365 has it all and much more in store for your business.

There are several plans to choose from when licensing Office 365, including versions for personal use, students, businesses, nonprofits, and schools. There’s also an only online version on top of the ones you can download and use on your personal computer.

what is office 365?

Microsoft Office may be a key player in the world of business operations but why should you consider O365 as the best option? Here are some ways in which Office 365 can transform your business for the better

Efficient email

Your email server is the single most important entity to uphold your internal and external communication. Without communication, a business may collapse completely. Now you can integrate the best email server for your employees with Microsoft Exchange.

Teamwork MADE EASY

With the help of O365 offerings such as Teams and SharePoint to connect your employees together, Teamwork has never been easier. Now employees can connect, chat and create teams to collaborate on projects in real time.

Full-time remote access

Now your workforce cans stay in touch across multiple devices anywhere and at any time. O365 allows them to get access to data securely through multiple platforms on the go.

Stay up to date

O365 regularly updates all your Office software to the latest versions so you always stay on top of the game.

Benefits of partnering with OmniPush IT Solution to manage your Office 365 environment

OmniPush provides management for Office 365 that can help you achieve high levels of productivity without any hassle. Businesses choose OmniPush because:

  • We provide expert support to build a strong foundation and help you find the right plan for your business
  • We optimize your O365 experience to suit your unique business needs
  • We help you migrate your workflow and communications securely to O365
Microsoft Azure

A company’s data is its most valuable asset. Office 365 was built with security and privacy in mind. It officers many layers of security options that can be implemented to order to safeguard your company’s data.

Office 365 comes with built-in Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, and malware support. All emails are encrypted both at rest and in transit with SSL/TLS. It is easy to use Office 365’s message Encryption feature, and the recipient does need to be on office 365. It also offers file-level access to monitor file directory access.

Azure Rights Management

Azure Rights Management is Microsoft technology that keeps your data secure. It allows your assign specific rights to sensitive data. Only users with the right credential can gain access. Azure Rights Management will also help you meet legally mandated compliance such as legal discovery requirements and much more.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is an authentication method that requires a user to verify evidence that they are attempting to access specific data, features, or functions. Before granting access, the user will need to authenticate him or herself through other means such as an email, authentication app, or a phone call.

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