Stabilize and Safeguard Your Business
from Disruptions Due to Cybercrime

The technology-driven world of today has made business operations a lot easier but it has also added something new to the equation – major security threats and privacy risks. Almost everything we do in now done on a network, from large business transactions to highly sensitive correspondence and these networks might not be entirely safe.

Information passed on an internal or public network can easily fall into the wrong hands, allowing people to misuse it to destroy your business. It is absolutely critical to secure networks to prevent outsiders from exploiting vulnerabilities.

OmniPush Network Security

Network security is essential

Effective network security has now become an integral part of a good IT infrastructure. Since most of the modern business operations are based on networks, may it be a company network or the internet, securing these networks should be a top priority

An effective network security framework can help you:

  • Safeguard your network from outsiders with malicious intent
  • Protect sensitive information and business operations
  • Eliminate risks and network vulnerabilities to prevent attacks
  • Prevent unauthorized access, Denial of Service attacks, data theft, data misuse and much more.
  • Recover quickly from an attack on network security to minimize loss

Your network is always at risk

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that installing an antivirus or firewall in the network is enough to secure their business.  However, to preserve security in computer networks, all risks must be considered.

Risks can be classified into external risks and internal risks. External risks originate outside the network as an external hacker of the network. Internal risks originate within the network as an employee or external hacker who has access to network resources. Any of these risks can result in security attacks, causing irreparable loss to your business.

OmniPush – Network Security Solutions

Network security is a growing concern among business owners. OmniPush is an NYC based company which seeks to alleviate network security problems with solutions that work.

At OmniPush, we are determined to help you secure your valuable network resources to protect you from malicious attacks that can destroy your business.

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